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Domains Explained

What is a “Domain Name”?

We like to picture Domain Names like traffic.  If the internet was the interstate, domain names would be the vehicles that allow you to drive on it.  Most importantly, it is a unique name, that only the owner is allowed to use and a way for the world to find this unique you.


How Domain Names Work?

Owning a domain name is the first step to being part of the world wide web.  But, continuing with our analogy, that does not get you on the interstate – you need a sponsor.  These sponsors are referred to as Host Providers.  Some popular Host Providers include names you might have heard from their marketing campaigns.  These include GoDaddy,, NameCheap and others. All Host Providers charge a nominal annual fee of around $10.00 a year to keep your domain on the internet highway.


Domain Names and Websites

Domain Names themselves do not come with a Website. However, your Domain Name can be pointed directly to a Website you might already have or a new one you might set up with the helpful assistance of your Host Provider.


How do you transfer ownership of a Domain Name?

We will use our business as a model.  If you purchase a Domain Name from us, we will notify our Host Provider and request two things. First, we ask them to “unlock” your Domain Name so it can be moved from us over to you. Second, we ask for a unique Authorization Code which will be used by you, at your end, to receive your Domain Name. That’s it!  This process typically occurs over a few days.



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